#LoveAdBit: Why to Follow AdBit on Twitter and Facebook as Publisher

Social Media is a powerful instrument to promote websites and other projects. Publishers have to engage on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to connect with their users. The new generations of users literally live in social media, marketing experts call them Millennials and Generation Z (nice video here about the importance of Gen Z).

AdBit would like to become the ad network for those new generations. To do that AdBit will reinforce its engagement in social media and support its publishers with their respective social media activities. The more users you drive to your site the higher is your earning income potential from advertising. Every view counts, right?

Let's start today with Twitter and Facebook as the first step. Connect with AdBit on Twitter to learn about news but also to enable us to refer users to your Twitter account and to help you to introduce your website to a broader audience.

Let's build a strong community together (#LoveAdBit). Here are our AdBit Facebook & Twitter Accounts to connect with:

What are you waiting for? Start your social media coverage with AdBit support now! Once your are connected with AdBit you can ask us to support you with your social media presence by referring to you and including you into our social media communication.

Connect and tweet or post "I am connected with @AdBitOfficial #LoveAdBit" and we follow you back and give you a like!

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