Geo-Targeting with AdBit

Sometimes you want your ads to be different in some regions and languages or you don't want to show them at all in certain regions or for some language groups. You can do this with AdBit with so called "Demographic Groups". Here is how it works:

  • In your AdBit Dashboard go to your advertisements (Advertiser => My Advertisements)
  • Set up all your different ads for your campaign by clicking "+New Ad"
  • Set up a New Demographic Group then by clicking "+Demographic Group"
  • In the New Demographic Group Editor chose the appropriate Ad Size and the associated Primary Ad from the drop down menus (let's say it's a banner in English).
  • Chose then one or more Alternate Ads for different countries or languages and submit your Demographic Group

Ready, that's it.

How does it work now? Here it is: the Primary Ad is shown in every country and every language except in those countries and languages that are targeted by your Alternate Ads. This means, too, that you can have different landing pages in different languages and/or with different content for different markets which in turn should significantly increase your conversation rates.

Attention: please clear your browser cache by hitting CTRL + F5 several times to see the new functions!

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