Don't go Cheap With Your Ad Spaces

Finding the right price is always a challenge. If your are too expensive you are not selling your stuff. If you are too cheap you won't make the income you could make, right?

When it comes to your AdBit Ad Spaces you should not set the prices too low, i.e. not be too cheap.

AdBit works with a highly effective "Smart Bid Engine" that auctions your ad space to advertisers. But every auction starts with the minimum price. If this minimum price is too low it's hard to achieve an attractive purchase price even if there are some advertisers bidding for your space.

There is no "right" price. It all depends on the performance of your site (how many visitors, views, category etc) and the advertisers budget for your ad space. Your have to experiment with different prices to find the best price level for your for a maximum income.

Our suggestion: don't go below BTC 0.0001!

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