How to Set the Right Price for Ad Spaces?

To find the right price for something always is an important question. Being to cheap is nearly as bad as being to expensive.

AdBit works with a "Smart Bid Engine", i.e. the ad spaces are auctioned between advertisers. You as publisher set the minimum price you demand for a specific ad space. (set in Ad Space Editor). Advertisers can bid against each other to have "airtime" at your ad space. The more an advertiser bids the more "airtime" he gets compared to other advertisers.

The trick is to set the minimum price at the right level. If it's too low you will lose money. If there is only one advertiser he can buy all the airtime at this low price. Even if there is more than one advertiser it's hard to auction the price into the right level.

So our recommendation: don't go too low with your minimum price. If you are a small publishers with just a few visitors start with BTC 0.0001 maybe or BTC 0.001. You have to experiment a bit to find the right level.

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