SCAM Warning: Don't Lose Your Bitcoins

Bitcoin is for sure a great innovation. But this doesn't necessarily mean that all Bitcoin-related websites and businesses are great too. Unfortunately the Bitcoin & Blockchain Ecosphere (the "ecosphere") is currently confronted with a massive wave of SCAMMERS targeting Bitcoin owners.

As an ad network the AdBit team is able to closely watch the development of the ecosphere, and we saw lot of new "Bitcoin accepted here" investment sites over the last couple of months. They are usually promising utopian profits of up to 30% (or more) per day without telling you how! In many cases they have shiny websites with nice videos. And they want you to invest some Bitcoins. Please be careful!

There are some simple things you should do before even considering an investing:

  • do some Google Search with the search terms 'domain name' and 'SCAM'
  • check the domain on Alexa (if the ranking sky-rockets within just a couple of weeks be careful)
  • Look out for Contact data on the respective website and check the people in Google and Social Media channels (if you can't find them, don't invest)
  • in some cases those websites publish documents of incorporation of the company running the website. Check those documents and search for company ID and names given in the document. As a rule of thumb: the more logos and documents are provided to show how serious the offer is the more it is likely to be a SCAM
  • be careful before referring websites or becoming an affiliate - this may backfire on you!

We are not "fraud experts" anyway and we cannot take the responsibility for your investments. But we are your partner when it comes to advertising. And that's why we ask you to be careful when promoting a website as affiliate. Let's keep the Bitcoin Ecosphere clean!

Actually this development isn't exactly bad news for the Bitcoin. If anything, it shows that the Bitcoin is about to be accepted as a means of payment. Fraudsters are kind of seismographic instruments for the adoption of new phenomena!

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