AdBit Referrer

Well, you don't have to be an advertiser to earn Bitcoins by referring AdBit to other advertisers or publishers. But we thought it should be mentioned in this tutorial section.

Actually referring AdBit to advertisers or publishers could be an attractive way to earn some income. AdBit pays you a 5% commission of all AdBit campaign spendings from a referred advertiser and 5% of all ad income from referred publishers. And this could definitely be some money.

In case a referred advertiser does an AdBit campaign for let's say 5 BTC you receive BTC 0.25. The good news actually is that you receive the commission as long as the referred advertisers continue to spend money on AdBit. It works the very same way with referred publishers. If a publisher earns  BTC 5 ad income per week you receive BTC 0.25 per week too. 

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