Faucet & Gaming Referrals

If you are completely new to the Bitcoin & Blockchain Ecosphere and you want to earn some Bitcoins you should register with some of the big faucet sites and use their referral link to refer friends and other users to those faucet sites.

Everytime one of your friends or partners visits the respective faucet sites using your referral link you earn a certain percentage of their rewards. The referral commission can go up to 50% with some faucet sites. The nice thing about faucet sites is that there are many sites around and people are always interested to collect free Bitcoins - and you get your commission.

It's easy to find faucet sites. Here are some of the big players within the faucet market:

An efficient way to find other faucet sites is FaucetBox, the leading payment services provider in the faucet scene. They have a comprehensive directory with more than 1,500 listed faucets.

Beside faucet sites Bitcoin gaming & gambling sites are an attractive way to earn Bitcoins by referring users to their sites. It's not that easy as with faucet sites because not all people like gaming and gambling. But once one of your referred user starts to play the commission earned is much higher compared to faucet sites.

Once you have set up your faucet & gaming accounts and received your referral links you should start to market those links to other users via Email, Social Media and AdBit (or other Bitcoin-based ad networks).

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