Network Campaigns for Publishers

Our Network Campaigns are a great earning opportunity for publishers. By enabling "Network Ads" for their ad spaces publishers can earn ad income from advertisers participating in our Network Campaigns the easy way.

Network Campaigns are enabled by default for new ad spaces. To check whether your ad spaces are enabled for "Network Campaigns" look your ad spaces up in our AdBit Dashboard:

Dashboard => Publisher => My Websites => As Spaces => Edit

Network Campaigns are a great way to start as publisher with AdBit. It can be hard sometimes to be recognized by advertisers to sell them your ad spaces. By participating in our Network Campaigning publishers have automatically access to our advertisers.

Network Campaigns are not competing against direct ad space bids from advertisers for specific ad spaces. Only in case no other bids are placed the specific ad space is allocated to the Network Campaign pool. So it definitely makes sense for publishers to enable the "Network Ads" option!

Your earnings from Network Campaigns is a percentage of the total income from a Network Campaign. You receive the percentage in relation to the views your ad space delivered to the total views of the Network Campaign. If the total Network Campaign has earned BTC 1 for 1,000,000 views and your ad delivered 100,000 views you receive BTC 0.1 from this campaign.


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